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A welcome from Jawana D'Avy, Opelousas, Preschool Director
Thank you for considering Westminster Christian Academy Preschool to begin your child’s educational journey.  It gives me great pleasure to welcome your family into the Westminster family, and specifically your child to our preschool.  It is our desire to assist you, as parents, in educating your child by imparting God's truth to transform society in present and future generations.
Father God has uniquely created each child.  Our desire is to partner with you to nurture your child in spiritual and academic growth for all that He has designed for these preschool years.
Daily, God’s Word is taught and His biblical truths explored.  Our preschool students memorize God’s Word and excitedly bring it home to share with their families.  At WCA they begin to learn the relationship between choices and consequences along with the blessing of obedience.  Advanced Phonics skills along with reading, writing, cursive penmanship and mathematics taught in the classroom set our students on the path for success in their educational journey.
We anticipate a great year witnessing all that Father God will do in and through our students. We are more than conquerors!
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The aim of Bible class is to present the Bible as God’s self revelation, showing His character and His dealings with men on the basis of His covenant promises. In second grade the students study stories and passages from the New Testament, but also review the creation story through the exile from Jerusalem from the first grade. The red thread of redemption, which is God’s sovereign work, culminates in the life and teachings of Jesus. The Book of James gives the students a knowledge base for Christian living.

Upper School
COLLEGE PREPARATORY COURSES – College preparatory courses are designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to achieve academic success in a university setting. All WCA courses are taught as college preparatory unless noted as a higher level of honors, advanced placement, or dual enrollment.
HONORS COURSES – Honors courses are designed to meet the needs of talented students willing to push themselves to a higher level of critical thinking. An Honors class parallels the curriculum offered in the corresponding regular class, but it may cover additional topics in greater depth. Enrollment in honors courses requires, typically, a minimum grade in the previous subject course and/or department recommendation.
ADVANCE PLACEMENT (AP) COURSES – An AP class is a course taught at the college level and designed to prepare students to take the College Board-sponsored Advance Placement exam. Most universities award college credit based on AP exam scores. AP classes are offered in English, chemistry, math, and history and may be taken in the 11th and 12th grades. Students are strongly encouraged to take the AP exam, and the cost of the AP exams will be borne by the student. Enrollment in AP courses requires department recommendation and a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater.
DUAL ENROLLMENT (DE) COURSES – A dual enrollment course earns both a high school unit and college-level credit simultaneously. A student taking a dual enrollment course will have a college transcript with a grade that counts towards his or her college grade point average calculation. Dual enrollment courses require an additional fee and a prerequisite minimum standardized test score (ACT, PreACT, SAT, or PSAT) and minimum GPA.