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Mr. Scott Davis, Head of School

Scott Davis Head shotGood communication is always at the top of my to-do list. Besides knowing what is going on at your child's school, it wouldn't hurt to have a little inspiration, vision, and direction to go with the myriad of calendar notices and deadlines.
As a new WCA parent this year myself, I understand some of the "scratch your head" moments where you wonder why certain decisions are made. I am looking forward to putting my experience running schools to use as we clarify the "why" behind what we do here.
With that in mind, you may begin to hear some new ways to describe who we are as a school and what we're here for. I look forward to unpacking this new messaging over the course of this school year. I want to communicate it clearly and repeat it often.
This will only work if someone is listening. So I ask you read my messages I will be sending out in this format every other week and they are posted here online. Come and participate in the weekly face-to-face Coffee Chats I will be having on each campus. Stay in touch. Ask questions. Tell others about all the great things happening at Westminster Christian Academy.
By staying informed through these avenues, you will understand WHY we are using phrases like, "At Westminster Christian Academy, it will not always be easy, but it will be worth it." Or, "Superior Education. Transformative Opportunities. Biblical Foundation."
Through these and other messages that I look forward to expounding upon in future issues of "Embrace the Difference" and live Coffee Chats, I hope that you will not only understand what is happening at WCA but also why it's happening; you might even be inspired to tell others about it as we continue toward our vision of students equipped for lives of significance.