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It Won't Be Easy.
It Will Be Worth It.

Superior education is an investment - not just in dollars and cents, but in time and effort. To maximize the results, students' and parents' greatest investment will be through hard work and determination.

Is your family ready for the challenge?
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Embrace The Difference

We understand that it is not enough for us to merely be a “better version” of what already exists in education options. What we offer is different – on purpose with a purpose.
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Latest News

The Perks of Private School

The Perks of Private School Thumbnail Image
Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions any parent can make. Understandably, many parents struggle to decide between enrolling their children in public school vs. private school. While public schools can be a great option for students, there are many reasons why choosing a private school is often a better choice.

Thinking About College Now

Thinking About College Now Thumbnail Image
It’s never too early to start thinking about college. Planning ahead increases the chances of getting into the right school, gives you more options, and helps reduce the stress of planning for and applying to universities. At Westminster, we urge parents and students to start preparing for college as early as possible.

The Nurture Principle: Discipline Vs. Punishment in the Classroom

The Nurture Principle: Discipline Vs. Punishment in the Classroom Thumbnail Image
When parents visit a Westminster classroom, they are often pleasantly surprised by how well behaved our students are. On tours, visitors frequently comment on how Westminster students treat one another with compassion, wait to be called on with patience, and respond politely to teachers.