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Christian Devotion

The goal of Christian education is to "take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ." 2 Corinthians 10:5  So, our goal, for your child is to teach every subject through the lens of Christian truth and understanding.  We want your child's faith to come off of the walls and out of the pages of the Bible to impact every aspect of their lives. They will take Christ with them into the working world, so that they work harder in their jobs, play with sportsmanship and determination, and love their families and their friends sacrificially.
Westminster seeks to employ a wisdom based disciplinary process. Students are taught that every choice has a consequence, and that many choices fall into two categories: wise and Spirit-led or foolish and self-seeking.  Wisdom is celebrated, but in those instances where your child has made a foolish choice, Biblical wisdom is taught, and forgiveness and restitution are sought. God's Word is understood to be our authority in these matters.
In every aspect of your child's educational experience at WCA, the faculty and staff are commonly called on to share insights that they have gleaned from their study of God's word, and the challenges they have faced in life. In addition, pastors and youth pastors, Christian college teams, evangelists, and special speakers have also been asked to bring the Gospel to us, so that together we can bring the Gospel to the world.
Westminster employees love the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is their desire to see His kingdom grow and come. It is that unique perspective that drives us all to serve Him with excellence, and to teach your child to do the same.