Opelousas Campus

Drivers for Field Trips


Drivers will be required to fill out an information sheet at the beginning of the year and to provide a proof of insurance. It is our desire to provide the highest possible standard of safety for your children when we leave the safe confines of the school campus. We are very grateful for every parent who commits time and effort in assisting us with our field trips. In advance we thank you for conforming to the Westminster standard of dress, which excludes shorts.


Punctual Arrival in the Morning 

Please make every effort to have your student(s) at school between 7:30 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. each day. Tardy students do not have the advantage of the preparation time provided in the homeroom period and cause a disruption once class has begun. We all need to work together to ensure maximum learning for every student. We will greatly appreciate your effort of cooperation in assisting your children in punctual arrival at school.


Zeros on Work for Unexcused Absences 

Excused absences - illness, death in the family, genuine emergency situations are excused if the student returns to school with a note documenting the situation. Without a note, work and tests may not be made up.


Unexcused absences - if a student is not ill, but returns from a doctor's appointment with a note from the doctor, the student may turn in work upon arrival at school and may immediately take any tests or quizzes missed. All other absences which do not fall into the classification of excused, must have prior notification to the principal in order for work to be handed in upon the return to school and/or test and quizzes immediately taken. If there has not been prior notification to the principal, the student will receive a zero on all graded work missed and any tests and quizzes taken. This will apply to tardy students as well. Call Mr. Bill Thompson at 948-8607 to make arrangements.


  Zeros on all Graded Work the Day of Suspension 

In the case that a student serves an in-house or an at-home suspension, the student will receive zeros on all graded class work, quizzes or tests taken that day.


Late Fee for Afternoon Pick-up 

Parents arriving late in the afternoon to pick up their children will be charged $10.00 for every ten minutes they are late after 3:50.