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NEW! Tuition Credit for Referrals

A $100 tuition credit will be given to any currently-enrolled family credited with the recruitment of a new FAMILY (who does not presently have nor has ever had any enrolled student at WCA) at the time of application. An additional $200 will be credited for each STUDENT who completes enrollment. 

For example, a new family of three potential students applies, and family XYZ is credited with their recruitment. A $100 credit is applied to family XYZ. Then, if any or all of the students from the new family enroll, family XYZ will receive an additional $200 credit per student. So, a total of $100 +$200 + $200 + $200 = $700 could potentially be earned by family XYZ should all three children of the new family go all the way to enrollment. 


  1. This credit CAN be earned on top of any other discounts or Tuition Assistance.
  2. The credit is available to WCA employees.
  3. This credit is not available for the enrollment of the siblings of current students.
  4. The name of the currently-enrolled family to receive credit must be listed on the new family's application at the time of application. It cannot be added later. The application credit will be applied after the application is complete (application fee and documentation received) and a tour has been completed.
  5. Credits for the enrollment of students from new families will be applied to the currently enrolled family on the first day of the new student's attendance. For currently-enrolled families paying monthly, their monthly draft will be recalculated when the credit is received. Families on the 60/40 or quarterly plan may apply the credit to their second payment, and families on the annual payment plan may hold their credit until the following year. At no time will any currently-enrolled family receive a refund or payment because of recruitment credits, but the credits may be held until the family next owes tuition.
  6. WCA employees who do not have children enrolled may receive cash bonuses for recruitment equal to 50% of the credits described above, or they may choose to have their full credits applied to the accounts of their grandchildren who are enrolled at WCA. Credits may not be applied to any other family, related or not.
  7. All credits and bonuses are subject to regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, the State of Louisiana, and other applicable bodies regarding taxable income.