Meet Westminster Alumna Candice Gardiner



Meet Westminster alumna Candice Gardiner! Candice is a 2009 graduate of WCA and owner of Balanced Gravity, a specialty massage service for athletes recovering from injuries. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a bachelor’s degree in business management, Candice became a licensed massage therapist, studied Ashiatsu massage and opened her own business in Lafayette.

Through the trials of school, college, professional training and now owning a small business, Candice’s faith has held fast. Keep reading to learn more about Candice and her time at Westminster.

How long did you attend WCA?

14 years: I actually started PreK in Lafayette and graduated from the Opelousas campus in 2009.

What was your favorite class at Westminster and why?

Coach Vice’s Bible class. Every lesson he taught was so relatable to us, and he picked on the football players too, which was always fun.

What did you enjoy about Chapel days?

On Chapel days, we would all get together and worship as one school. It was awesome to have everyone next to you, your friends, the teachers, all in one room, worshipping.

Tell us something you learned that impacted your faith walk while at WCA.

Westminster really taught us a lot about the Bible. We were memorizing verses, always going over the Word. And that’s something I don’t think I would have done had I not been at Westminster: actually reading the Bible, front to back, and really understanding all those Bible verses.

Were you involved in clubs and organizations?

I was on the mission team, so I got to go on a mission trip to Costa Rica during my junior year.

Who was the most impactful figure for you at WCA during your time there, and why?

I’ll always remember Mrs. Brooks and her Umbrella of Protection’ Chapel. If you’ve been to Westminster, you’ve heard that Chapel. And that was something we all really cherished.

If there was one big lesson you learned from your time at Westminster, what would it be?

Hard work pays off. I started my own business, and I went through a lot of trials, but I just kept pushing forward. And that was something that Westminster taught me. You have to keep going through everything. Just don’t stop.

What are you doing today in your spare time?

I love Crossfit: it keeps me healthy for work and it keeps me healthy for life. I started 6 years ago and it’s probably my biggest hobby.

What's your advice to current WCA students?

Don’t give up. No matter what, don’t give up. There are times when it gets really hard, whether it’s life or school. You will find the way. Just keep pushing forward.