WCA Senior Alexis Devillier signs to play soccer with LSUE

Most high school seniors who sign to play collegiate sports have been perfecting their talents from a very young age and have always dreamed of playing their favorite sport in college, but that’s not the case with Alexis Devillier. Devillier says, “I only started playing soccer 2 years ago. For a long time I didn’t know that my dream was to play college soccer until I had the opportunity to. I’m very passionate about the game and it’s become a huge part of my life and I couldn’t have done it without all the people who helped make me better.”

With Westminster in it’s second season of a dedicated women’s soccer program, Devillier played a huge role in launching the program. Deviller says, “I’ve always been around soccer because my brothers played growing up and I always loved to watch. We never had a girls team at Westminster so I was going to try and play for the boys team, but I figured that if I wanted to play that there must be a lot of other girls at Westminster that want to play. I asked if we could start a team and I got a bunch of girls and we found a coach and did it! I picked it up really quickly which I was very surprised at because I danced my whole life and never played sports.”

Devillier was the first to score making her the first girl to score for WCA women’s soccer, making Westminster history! When asked why she chose LSUE Devillier responded “I picked LSUE because it’s close to home and my Dad went there when he was young. They also have a new team this year and there is just something I like about underdog stories."