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She explained the ways that Mr. Brady catches the crawfish and that the habitat that the crawfish live in is a farm-raised habitat. She also shared with the boys and girls about how to hold the crawfish so they do not get pinched by the claws. Mr. Brad showed how crawfish are trapped by luring them to the trap with their favorite food. Several members of the staff were able to get on the boat and go crawfishing, allowing the children to see for themselves how crawfish are caught.
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After visiting a crawfish pond, the students were then transported to the Chautin home where they were introduced the mighty fleet of farm equipment that is used in the business of growing rice and milo. Mrs. Rachel and Mr. Brady explained the different uses of each of the farm equipment as it pertained to planting and harvesting to the boys and girls. The children were able to get very up close and personal with several different models of VERY BIG tractors. They were allowed to explore and climb on the large equipment.
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The students and adults were treated to lunch before returning to school.
The students will be reminded of God’s faithfulness to provide farmers who grow food for many to eat all over the world, as they learn how God’s Word reminds all of us, “God causes the grass to grow for the cattle and plants for man to tend so that he may bring forth food from the earth.” Psalm 104:14. Thank you to our VERY SPECIAL friends at the Chautin farm!