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Mr. Scott Davis » Memorable Moments and 2018-2019 Re-enrollment Information

Memorable Moments and 2018-2019 Re-enrollment Information

Dear Westminster Family,


Once again the semester has flown by and we are in the midst of the Christmas Season. I look back fondly on some wonderful memories and look forward to some exciting announcements for the new year. The Lord truly is GOOD.



For just a moment, allow me to point to a few things that have stood out this fall.

  • I am thrilled that we have re-established our Drama Club at the upper school level. Many students are already auditioning for the spring production.
  • Athletics participation is extremely high with little ones playing soccer and basketball, elementary students in a variety of sports programs, and high school students in more offerings than most 1A schools have around the state. There is hardly an evening when our facilities are not being used for games at the various levels of sports. It is encouraging to see kids having a great time, learning and maturing in the process.
  • I am also joyful over progress in the steps toward an even better educational foundation for students at WCA. Students are reading interesting and challenging works of literature, studying different periods of history than they have ever done before, diving into more advanced mathematics, and maturing through deeper conversation in Bible class.
  • Additionally, we are already working toward a continuation of our expansion of high school offerings of Advanced Placement and Dual Credit options. A very fine education that has been available at WCA is getting even better and better.
  • Fall Fest was a huge hit with incredible attendance and fundraising.
  • On the facilities front we have seen new roofs, a replacement fine arts building that will soon be ready to occupy, fresh paint, a new stadium press box, and more visual enhancements planned in Lafayette and Opelousas.
I could go on and on, and I offer praise to our Father in Heaven for His faithful and continued blessing on Westminster.



As we exit the Christmas season, we will enter our annual re-enrollment period in January. Specific re-enrollment instructions will be mailed the first week in January, but I want to share a few important details now. Please note that this brief explanation will not replace the need for you to carefully review your enrollment contract in January, but I do want to point out a few important items here.

  • Tuition will increase by 3% per student (between about $140-$185/student for the year). This follows the general national cost of living increase and will serve to keep us fiscally responsible without over-burdening our families.
  • At the same time, we are rolling out a MULTIPLE STUDENT DISCOUNT for families with THREE or more students enrolled at WCA. This will benefit a great number of Westminster families now and into the future and we pray it makes a Westminster education more accessible to others outside of our current family. Details will come soon.
  • The money that families ALREADY pay to purchase summer and school-year literature books and planners will be rolled into the book fees so that everything is easier for families and less time waiting in line for the bookstore.
  • Some language in the re-enrollment contract and the Tuition Protection Plan has been clarified so that all families can better understand when various obligations or penalties go into effect.
  • We are simplifying our re-enrollment fee structure, but will offer a Priority Re-enrollment period that will allow our families to continue to re-enroll for $100.
  • Remember that we ALREADY changed our structure for athletics participation and families are no longer required to sell advertising or pay fees to participate. (Of course this does not chase away the costs associated with running a program and we strongly encourage families to assist with advertising sales and to contribute financially to the program.)


Again, we will send another message with re-enrollment instructions at the beginning of January. For now, enjoy your time off and continue to pray for and support Westminster.  Also, be sure to invite your friends who are not at WCA to apply or re-apply. The new multiple student discount may help families who thought they would not be able to afford WCA, or it might help some of our larger families return.


Thank you all for your ongoing prayer and support for Westminster Christian Academy and may the Lord continue to pour out His blessings upon us. 



Scott Davis
Head of School