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Mrs. Leigh Ann Hebert » Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle

We have a class eagle named Eddie.  I explained to the class that eagles are very cool birds and very unique.  I talked about how high they soar and how they use this to defeat their prey.  I love eagles because they remind me that God has created some really unique and wonderful things but without Him, they are unable to reach their full potential.   The eagles must use the wind that God has created to soar as high as they do.  I told the students that we are wonderful and unique creations as well and that apart from God, we cannot reach our full potential either.  We must rely heavily on Him each and every day so that we may also SOAR high!   I give out an EAGLE AWARD on Fridays if I find someone in our classroom that is soaring high and allowing God to work in and through them.  I told them that there are several qualities that I look for in eagles and some of those things include love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control.  We talked about fruit trees that are planted in good soil and that receive light and sun will produce fruit.   I am looking for students who are producing the fruits of the spirit and this can only happen if they are ready to allow God to help them.  Once I choose a student as an eagle, his/her name will go on our Eagle wall and they will get to take Eddie Eagle home for the weekend.   Please take pictures, no matter how silly, of your child and Eddie and email or text them to me by Monday so that your child can share their Eddie stories with the class.   If you see your child showing "eagle qualities" at home, please let me know and send pictures!  Look for pictures of our eagles on this link and please encourage your child to pray each night, not to get Eddie Eagle but to become more like Jesus by helping others and loving others the way He did.  This is a great opportunity to take with your child to teach them how to fully rely on God and to seek Him daily.