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Weekly Spelling List

        Spelling Lists
List 1
ten, zip, job, left, land, next, jump, name, heat, nine, soap, wave, and, you, I
List 2
rack, rake, lick, like, back, bake, socks, bikes, kick, fake, rock, make, of, what, have
List 3
me, no, shy, try, play, state, west, plus, please, fresh, freeze, trust, was, were, are
List 4
dish, shop, thin, that, those, blend, cloth, clean, flag, float, glad, globe, your, there, said
List 5 
brain, brush, dream, praise, grass, grade, smile, smell, scale, desk, skin, spend, do, both, says
List 6 
crisp, twist, twelve, split, sprint, screen, squeeze, snap, slant, sleeve, street, swift, again, here, only
List 7
thrill, scarf, lunch, sport, south, frown, grow, germ, surf, throat, start, cheese, north, serve, most, any, give
List 8
kick, socks, trust, smell, lunch, twelve, scarf, screen, freeze, cheese, please, grow, float, throat, only, both, here
List 9
squirm, noise, toy, stood, loose, world, right, football, crosswalk, birthday, point, bookmark, work, high, where, live, lose
List 10
talking, know, sign, thing, strong, stung, thanked, twinkle, honk, chipmunk, spelling, knee, swing, blank, move, who, been
List 11
wallet, amaze, dusty, puzzle, counted, marked, called, afraid, tidy, castle, added, helped, penny, mailed, every, very, many
List 12
whistle, whole, sketch, appear, wear, early, goldfish, crumbs, newspaper, whisper, eardrum, learning, folder, jewel, buy, the, whose
List 13
fewest, sunny, reporter, fastest, quickly, broken, watches, childhood, remind, winner, funniest, eaten, colder, slowest, one, their, does
List 14
cover, china, ounce, pause, draw, easy, weather, Monday, thousand, pencil, autumn, teacher, bread, month, either, once, busy
List 15
great, cookie, monkey, disobey, phonics, Christian, thought, taught, energy, pledge, piece, phrase, stomach, bridge, sure, friend, laugh
List 16
world, quickly, counted, afraid, strong, twinkle, newspaper, birthday, whisper, Christian, Monday, thousand, remind, energy, very, where, friend
Vocabulary Words
appear: to suddenly show up
tidy: neat
sketch: a quick drawing
List 17
afar, almost, beside, enlarge, untie, wrapper, would, around, always, between, enjoy, unhappy, write, should, went, gone, stay
Vocabulary Words
pledge: a promise
phrase: a part of a sentence
Christian: a child of God
List 18
repair, bush, rough, nervous, parrot, inquire, airplane, bulldog, tough, young, carried, tire, stair, touch, until, to, two
Vocabulary Word
enlarge: to make bigger
enjoy: to have fun
afar: far away
List 19
joyful, glare, captain, cure, future, warning, creation, useful, careful, fountain, treasure, nature, wars, motion, little, big, small
Vocabulary Words
nervous: feeling uncomfortable
inquire: to ask
repair: to fix
List 20
explosion, vision, sleigh, flavor, collar, bicycle, errand, decision, eighteen, author, caterpillar, mystery, error, pastor, cities, armies, babies
Vocabulary Words
glare: a strong bright light
useful: helpful
cure: to heal
List 21
biscuit, sound, task, discover, down, skilled, mountain, vowel, skyline, telescope, towel, cloud, brisk, scout, Mr., Mrs., Dr.
Vocabulary Words
errand: a short trip to do a job
author: a writer
error: a mistake
List 22
allergy, alert, giraffe, earn, battery, curb, direction, Thursday, learn, afternoon, thirsty, research, certain, curtain, ft. (foot), yd. (yard), in. (inch)
Vocabulary Words
skyline: where land and sky meet
brisk: fast moving
discover: to find
List 23
read, maybe, journey, believe, breathe, dirty, mighty, surgery, field, daydream, honesty, valley, study, seat, he, she, we
Vocabulary Words
curb: edge of a sidewalk
research: careful study
certain: to be sure
List 24
untie, repair, fountain, author, biscuit, research, curb, thirsty, afar, inquire, warning, caterpillar, vowel, earn, cities, Dr., ft.
Vocabulary Words
enlarge : to make bigger
brisk: fast moving
pledge: a promise
List 25
catch, bench, knife, assign, scratch, knit, kneecap, reign, stretch, chapter, couch, knowledge, chase, match, qt. (quart), oz. (ounce), lb. (pound)
Vocabulary Words
daydream: happy thoughts
honesty: telling the truth
journey: to travel
List 26
bought, cause, August, awful, lawn, aunt, yawned, straw, daughter, thoughtful, applesauce, crawl, laundry, fought, St. (street), Ave. (Avenue), U.S.A. (United States of America) 
Vocabulary Words
knowledge: understanding
assign: to give work
reign: to rule
List 27
page, badge, Creator, regular, strange, dodge, judge, calendar, change, visitor, governor, sugar, color, gentle, he's (he's), it's (it's), I've (I have)
Vocabulary Words
ledge: the edge of a drop-off
smudge: a dirty spot
generous: sharing
List 28
arrow, chair, terrible, square, barrel, share, downstairs, blueberry, carrot, hairbrush, careful, staircase, marry, dairy, his, hers, ours
Vocabulary Words
aware: paying attention
prepare: to get ready
narrow: thin
List 29
mission, action, join, destroy, cowboy, question, appointment, attention, expression, voice, permission, caution, nation, boil, day, night, noon
Vocabulary Words
compassion: a desire to help
emotion: a strong feeling
avoid: to stay away from
List 30
prey, holiday, eighth, weight, gray, Sunday, away, crayons, playground, breakable, yesterday, neighbor, relay, May, they, them, then
Vocabulary Words
mayor: the leader of a city
delay: to make late
survey: to look over
List 31
jewelry, balloon, above, camera, classroom, grew, spoon, brother, umbrella, knew, jealous, cousin, nothing, enough with, want, wait
Vocabulary Words
instant: happening quickly
moist: slightly wet
couple: two
List 32
beach, crab, spray, bucket, swimsuit, shovel, dock, sunscreen, surfboard, sailboat, water, jellyfish, shark, shell, sky, sea, sand
Vocabulary Words
current: the movement of water
island: land surrounded by water
coast: the land by the sea
List 33
knit, August, governor, dairy, action, crayons, classroom, shell, match, awful, Creator, staircase, voice, prey, Ave., hers, wait
Vocabulary Words 
current: the movement of water
compassion:  a desire to help
reign: to rule