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It has been a pleasure and a blessing to work at WCA for over three decades.  Never in my wildest imagination would I have dreamed that  Acadiana would be a place that I would call home for most of my life.  Nor would I have guessed that WCA would bring a young lady from Millersburg, Ohio to share my life with.  I am especially blessed in light of the fact that my home is right next to the school.  The convenience has allowed for savings in so many ways, and we especially enjoy sharing our home with the many people that WCA has employed over the years.  As I post this four of my children have graduated from WCA, and one remains at the school, but out of the elementary.


Welcome to WCA's IT Corner!

This webpage is here primarily to show you what you can do with your own page.  I use Schoology so it would be redundant and counter productive to repost my material here, but until the Elementary gets Schoology (I am working on that) this is the best place to post information you wish to share with your parents.
What can you put in your own websites:
  1. Your own forms or copies of forms I give you.  ie field trip permissions.
  2. Your School Days information
  3. Your own calendar. (You will need to request this.)  Or you can create your own link to a google calendar you share.
  4. Student Achievement
  5. Pictures of classroom projects.