Easter Walk

We may never know, this side of heaven, the full impact of Wednesday's Easter Walk!!! I am so thankful for our amazing, dedicated parents who helped our students put on an incredible reproduction of Christ's last week, death, and resurrection. Truly Holy Spirit showed up, and I trust that several made decisions to spend eternity in heaven!!
The set up and tear down, as well as unbelievable snacks, went superbly! Students and parents alike worked tirelessly to make this day a success, and I am grateful for your help.
I think all props went home yesterday, but if you have props that were to go home and did not, please have your child check in the costumes buckets for them. Also, I have a tent that went to the wrong home yesterday. It is blue, not in the best of shape, and has three white legs and one black leg (there's a great story about that). Please return it to school ASAP and see if yours is the one in the conference room. I'm sure you'd much prefer your own, as it's in much better shape than mine! :-)