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ABC Field Trip Thursday

All students are to wear their orange class shirts and school shorts on the way to camp and on the way home.
All students need to wear one piece swimsuits for girls and swim trunks for boys.
All students need to wear a dark colored t-shirt over their swimsuits or with their swim trunks.
Please send sunscreen and bug repellent along with your child.
Lunches have been ordered.

Houston Itinerary

WCA Overnight Schedule


Arrive at WCA and Load Bus

7:00 am

Depart WCA for Houston, TX

11:00- 1:00pm

Visit Holocaust Museum Houston


Board bus and travel to the park across from the HMNS for lunch provided by Jason's Deli

2:30- 4:00pm

Board Bus and travel to Buffalo Solider Museum


Board Bus and travel to HMNS to unload gear and meet Overnight staff


Orientation & Dinner


Green group-Rivers’ HR

Blue group-Stafford HR


Activity with Museum Educator

Glow-in-the-dark slime

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Photo Scavenger Hunt

Activity with Museum Educator

Glow-in-the-dark slime


Setup sleeping gear


Snack in Moran Lecture Hall


Stars of the Pharaohs Planetarium show


Get ready for bed


Lights out


Wake up, pack up gear, and eat breakfast


Tour the museum


Lunch and pack up


Depart HMNS

Houston trip details

Please plan to arrive at WCA Opelousas campus no later than 6:30 a.m. Monday morning to stow our luggage and load the bus.
For chaperones leaving a vehicle on campus, please park along the black fence on Westminster Drive near carpool circle. 
See attached flyer to know what to bring and equally important, what NOT to bring! Looking forward to an amazing time together!!

Easter Walk

We may never know, this side of heaven, the full impact of Wednesday's Easter Walk!!! I am so thankful for our amazing, dedicated parents who helped our students put on an incredible reproduction of Christ's last week, death, and resurrection. Truly Holy Spirit showed up, and I trust that several made decisions to spend eternity in heaven!!
The set up and tear down, as well as unbelievable snacks, went superbly! Students and parents alike worked tirelessly to make this day a success, and I am grateful for your help.
I think all props went home yesterday, but if you have props that were to go home and did not, please have your child check in the costumes buckets for them. Also, I have a tent that went to the wrong home yesterday. It is blue, not in the best of shape, and has three white legs and one black leg (there's a great story about that). Please return it to school ASAP and see if yours is the one in the conference room. I'm sure you'd much prefer your own, as it's in much better shape than mine! :-)

Easter Walk Parent Sign up

Use this link to sign up to help with your child's booth for Easter Walk. Note we have several times and dates available! Please help us reach others to share the good news of Jesus. 

Feed the Need

Tonight at 6:00 on the slab is our FEED THE NEED kick off party!  I hope to see all of you there!  Our goal is for 100% participation.  Let's all work together to make this possible.
Thank you so much for all that you do!  

Fractions Podcast: Addition and Subtraction

This is the podcast we used in our review time for both fifth and sixth grades. It is an attempt to help students have a very firm grasp on adding and subtracting fractions in preparation for next week's test, but even more importantly, to move into multiplying and dividing fractions next...


Tuesday, 3/8 and Wednesday, 3/9 from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m.
Several students are struggling with fractions concepts. I will plan to stay after school and work with your child either/both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please have your child come to my classroom at 3:30 with all math materials, and I will do some group instruction and individual help. There will be a Q & A time as well. Please promptly pick your child up at my room at 4:45, as I have other commitments after these help times.

Feed the Need Kickoff Party

Opelousas campus
Thursday, March 9
This kick-off party will begin promptly at 6pm with live student
entertainment and conclude with a crawfish boil/family picnic.

6th grade service project

Tomorrow, Monday, March 6
We will leave campus after chapel and go to Lawtell Elementary to read to and make crafts with their preschool students. What a fun opportunity to minister the love of Jesus to these young people!
Wear field trip t-shirt and uniform bottoms. Lunch will be at WCA, as we will return by 10:45 a.m.

Test packets/ Field trip

1. I FORGOT to send test packets home again! I'm so sorry!!
OH, is it Wednesday again??? We have been so busy this week, I didn't realize it was Wednesday again. They will go home Thursday!
2. Field trip forms were due Monday. If you have not responded, please send in your permission slips (2) and deposit.