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Crusader- Entering 3rd

The designated summer reading books for students entering third grade are:
  • Nate the Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
  • The Bears on Hemlock Mountain by Alice Dalgliesh

These books were included in your book fees at enrollment/re-enrollment and can be picked up in the front office of either campus after enrollment/re-enrollment is complete through Admissions.


Students must complete one assignment for each required book. Students in each grade level are required to read two books and complete one assignment per book.  This year students will be given options for creativity with the assignments: traditional or non-technological. To receive full credit, all work must be submitted to the teachers by the first Friday of the school year, August 12, 2022.






The traditional options are worksheets. If your child prefers to complete the traditional worksheet (grades 1-3), they DO NOT need to complete the non-technological options. The written assignments for these books are posted below. 







These options for all students entering 1st - 6th grades can include any of the reports listed below, meeting the literary requirements for their grade level.

Poster Book Report:  

  1. Use a poster (any color).
  2. Draw a picture of the main character, or a favorite scene, in the center of the poster.
  3. Divide the poster into sections to organize and present literary requirements for each grade level.
  4. Add the student’s name and date completed to the bottom right corner of the poster.

Mini-book Report:  

  1. Fold multiple sheets of copy paper (any color) in half. 
  2. The book cover must include a drawing of the main character or a favorite scene, title and author of the book, student name, and date completed. 
  3. Title each page of the mini-book with each required grade level detail (example “Literary Elements”, “Vocabulary”, “Biblical Theme”, etc.).
  4. Add creative embellishments to the pages as desired. 

Non-technological options MUST include the literary requirements listed for each grade level. 


The minimum requirements for 3rd grade students are as follows for EACH book:

  • list the title and author
  • a minimum of 3 literary elements (setting, plot, characters, resolution)
  • a minimum of 5 new vocabulary words with definitions and a memorable sentence
  • 1 biblical theme

Curl Up With a Good Book This Summer!

While we are requiring your child to read two books, we encourage him/her to read all throughout the summer.  Below is a list of grade-level books that your child may enjoy. This will be a great introduction to the reading your child will do throughout the year. 
  • The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling
  • The Adventures of Sophie Mouse series by Poppy Green
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones