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Preschool Curriculum

Language Arts: Recognition of their name, the sound and picture for short vowels and consonants; formation of vowels and consonants in upper/lower case; language development and listening skills; Numbers: simple counting 1-30, number concepts 1-15; Bible: Memory verses and songs/hymns/choruses, lessons such as Creation, Noah, Daniel, and the boyhood of Jesus; and nursery rhymes, gross and fine motor development, manners, learning centers and much more.

All of the above, plus:
Language Arts: Sound and picture of long vowels and consonants, introduction of sounding one- and two- vowel words, introduction to reading groups in January, cursive writing; Numbers: Recognition and counting 1-100, concepts 1-20, before and after numbers 1-2; Bible: Application of Biblical principles and lessons from the Bible, chapels and more. 

All of the above, plus:
Language Arts: Introduction of actual phonics rules with reading groups beginning in November; Arithmetic: Writing numbers 1-100, number concepts 1-100, time, values of money, addition and subtraction facts 1-10; Bible: Continuation of items above; Plus: Thematic units on seasons, animals, plants, children around the world, holidays, and more.