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Strategic Plan

Westminster Christian Academy
Five-Year Strategic Plan


Westminster Christian Academy will… 

  1. Promote its mission and vision thus creating action in the community
  • Increase internal and external awareness and commitment to WCA’s mission and vision.
  • Create marketing and language that supports and helps to foster the vision.
  • Convert the current Statement of Values to a Crusader Code of Honor to use as a rallying point for Westminster students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators.


  1. Develop and expect strong and visionary leadership.
  • Prioritize a culture of professional development and fund such activities for the Head of School and other leaders at Westminster.
  • Carefully vet, train, and support the Board of Directors to enable their representation of the diverse WCA community.
  • Develop a system whereby future leaders can be identified from within and trained for advancement opportunities.
  1. Assemble and retain a wise, caring, well-qualified, and invested faculty.
  • Broaden a recruiting system that reaches and retains qualified, diverse, mature Christian educators.
  • Ensure the continued development of all teachers and staff with respect to professional capacity and Biblical worldview.
  • Ensure feedback to teachers that assists their professional growth.
  • Ensure the involvement and input of teachers and staff in the decisions and the culture of the school.
  • Develop a compensation structure for WCA employees that rewards excellence and aggressively recognizes Westminster faculty as among the best in Acadiana.
  • Develop a culture of complete understanding, engagement, and investment within the faculty that fosters the visionary efforts of Westminster Christian Academy.


  1. Train students to be spiritually and academically well-prepared and well-rounded
  • Inspire and challenge students with the Gospel from an early age.
  • Develop a series of consistent ideas for spiritual development that can follow students preschool – 12th
  • Prepare teachers to continually infuse lessons with Biblical worldview emphasis and training for students.
  • Develop a mechanism for students to be aware of, sensitive to and Biblically-prepared for current challenging topics within our society.
  • Develop a mechanism to properly balance age-appropriate emphasis and time commitment with respect to academic work, extra-curricular pursuits, and family time.
  • Improve elective and advanced level offerings at the upper school level.
  • Teach students to harness technology for academic benefit and cultural transformation.
  • Develop the academic and spiritual potential of each student such that Westminster can take its place as a top tier institution and a leader in the fight for effecting cultural change.


  1. Provide first class extra-curricular activities that will be transformative in the lives of students.
  • Provide qualified coaches and sponsors for younger participants in order to facilitate maturation toward excellence in all activity areas.
  • Provide more transportation options to facilitate extra-curricular participation by those coming from areas away from Opelousas.
  • Involve the younger students in various forms of school spirit events to develop camaraderie and shared expectations of excitement and excellence.
  • Broaden extra-curricular options such as the fine arts, academic clubs, and other activities.


  1. Communicate effectively with internal and external communities.
  • Provide opportunities and inlets that enable good feedback from the school family.
  • Tell the story of WCA both internally and externally so that all groups may know what the Lord has done and is doing at WCA.
  • Provide a single, online information center that gives parents one place to go for all student-related information and communication.


  1. Maintain and improve its financial health.
  • Further develop sources of non-tuition revenue.
  • Improve the culture of regular and planned giving to WCA.
  • Continually refine the mechanisms of financial management and the use of best business practices.


  1. Prioritize the care for and addition of infrastructure to meet student needs.
  • Create a physical plan that will adequately support academic and extra-curricular goals.
  • Create a facilities-related vision statement.
  • Develop and publish a master plan that will inform and encourage the internal and external communities.
  • Educate the community about the history of facilities giving and support that has impacted Westminster.
  • Continually maintain and beautify current facilities.
  • Remain at the front edge of technological engagement for students and teachers.