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Added May 24, 2017
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Opelousas Campus elementary students enjoyed themselves as they participated in several outdoor activities such as balloon toss, sack race, big ball race, ball boxing, basketball shootout, archery and much more. The first and second place of each activity received certificates at the end of the day. A huge THANK YOU to the handful of 6th-grade students who came back to help make this day a success. It was a beautiful windy day for Family Fun Day at WCA!

Also listed in Opelousas Campus - Elementary (1-6)

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    The Biblical worldview present at Westminster is the piece that holds everything together and pushes each part of the academic experience to a richer, higher and more complete level.

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    It is critical that we not only educate our students, but that we help them develop Christ-like character in order to affect culture in a meaningful way. The information and ideas students are exposed to in the classroom, through the lens of a Biblical worldview, must translate to how they interact with others. This is why the transformative opportunities at Westminster are so important.

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    Technology is never a substitute for great teaching, but rather a useful and necessary tool in the 21st century. We live in an era with technology changing at a rapid pace, we must equip the 21st century student with tools that will enhance their learning and prepare them for life and work beyond the walls of Westminster Christian Academy. In other words, we believe a superior education is one that includes the best of tradition augmented by modern delivery.

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