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Pastor Discount

All vocational pastors of Bible-believing Orthodox, Protestant, or Catholic Churches will be entitled to a 50% tuition discount for every student for whom they are an immediate parent or guardian. 

A qualifying pastor could be either:

  • a senior/lead pastor, preacher, or minister,
  • a pastor of children, youth, or music, or
  • a pastor in an executive position


For the purpose of this policy and regardless of job title, "pastor" shall not be defined simply as an employee or volunteer of a church, but rather only those vocational pastors who:

  • have charge over areas of pastoral/preaching ministry (applicants for the discount will be asked to describe job duties and scope), and
  • derive the majority of their individual income from employment as a pastor.


The employer must be a church with regular Sunday worship services and qualifications for membership, not a para-church organization or ministry. 


  1. Families receiving the 50% pastor discount will not be eligible for tuition assistance or multi-student discounts.
  2. In the case of a WCA employee with a spouse who is a pastor, the 50% discount will be applied to total tuition and then the employee discount will be deducted as a portion of the remainder. For instance, an employee discount of 30% can be deducted from the remainder of the tuition bill AFTER the 50% tuition discount is applied. In other words, they are not added together to make a discount of 80%.
  3. The pastor discount cannot be combined with already discounted tuition at the Lafayette Campus for upper school students. If there is a tuition discount in place that is less than 50%, pastor families may use the pastor discount to still obtain a 50% tuition discount. For example, if Lafayette Campus upper school discount is 25%, the pastor discount will be applied to reach the full 50% tuition discount.

  • Turn in the completed application to the Business Office. You must apply for admission prior to being considered for this discount.
  • The Business Office will verify that the qualifications are met and communicate approval to the applicant and apply the discount to their account post-enrollment.