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Pastor Discount

All vocational pastors of Bible-believing Orthodox, Protestant, or Catholic Churches will be entitled to a 50% tuition discount for every student for whom they are an immediate parent or guardian. 

A qualifying pastor could be either:

  • a senior/lead pastor, preacher, or minister,
  • a pastor of children, youth, or music, or
  • a pastor in an executive position.


For the purpose of this policy and regardless of job title, "pastor" shall not be defined simply as an employee or volunteer of a church, but rather only those vocational pastors who:

  • have charge over areas of pastoral/preaching ministry (applicants for the discount will be asked to describe job duties and scope), and
  • derive the majority of their individual income from employment as a pastor.


The employer must be a church with regular Sunday worship services and qualifications for membership, not a para-church organization or ministry. 


  1. Families receiving the 50% pastor discount will not be eligible for tuition assistance.
  2. In the case of a WCA employee with a spouse who is a pastor, the 50% discount will be applied to total tuition and then the employee discount will be deducted as a portion of the remainder. For instance, an employee discount of 30% can be deducted from the remainder of the tuition bill AFTER the 50% tuition discount is applied. In other words, they are not added together to make a discount of 80%.
  3. The pastor discount cannot be combined with already discounted tuition at the Lafayette Campus for upper school students. If, in the future, Lafayette upper school tuition is discounted to all families at an amount less than 50%, pastor families may use the pastor discount instead to still obtain a 50% discount.
  • Turn in the completed application to the Business Office. You must apply for admission prior to being considered for this discount.
  • The Business Office will verify that the qualifications are met and communicate approval to the applicant and apply the discount to their account post-enrollment.