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At Westminster Christian Academy our desire is to foster excellence and distinction in every area of our school as we work to honor the Lord through all areas of our lives and represent Him well. With that in mind, we aspire for our external appearance to represent that standard as well. Our uniforms are to be purchased from Dennis Uniforms, our designated supplier.


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Preschool students are not required to wear uniforms. See the Parent/Student Handbook for dress code requirements. Preschool sizes ARE available for purchase through Dennis Uniforms, but are optional.



New this year! Girls through 3rd grade can also wear the knit jersey dress as a daily dress option.












Can I purchase uniforms from local vendors?
No. Dennis Uniforms is our exclusive vendor. All uniform clothing items must be purchased through them. However, they even offer optional items such as tights, socks, shoes, and belts that meet our new uniform code.
Where can I see pricing for the uniforms?
The Dennis Uniforms portal. Click Here to access. 
Is everything listed in the uniform portal required?
There are items offered through our uniform portal that are not required. For example, there are shoes, socks, belts, and bows available for purchase, but they are optional. You can purchase these items through alternate vendors, but are offered for your convenience through Dennis Uniforms. Tops, bottoms, and outwear are required purchases from Dennis. 
Can I try on the uniforms before purchasing?
Yes. There are sample sizes available in a uniform kiosk on each campus for fitting throughout the year. We also offer a uniform fitting day on each campus in the summer. There is also a size chart for your reference below.
What is Dennis Uniforms' return/exchange policy?
Dennis Uniforms makes returns and exchanges fast and easy. Click here for detailed information.
Are there used uniforms available for purchase?
Yes. The High School Mission Team resells used uniforms at a discounted rate. We moved to a new uniform in the 2017-2018 school year and it may take a few years for them to build up their inventory with the new uniform options.
Is there a required shoe?
A specific brand or style of shoe is not required. However, we do ask that you follow shoe standards. For chapel dress, a dark dress shoe for boys and a dark rubber soled dress shoe or saddle shoe for girls meets the standard. Dennis even offers shoes that meets these standards through our uniform portal. For daily wear, athletic shoes in gray, white, black, navy, or brown are acceptable.
Are there sock restrictions?
The sock guidelines remain the same, per our Parent/Student Handbook. Navy, white, or black socks that show are appropriate.
Are uniforms required in preschool?
No. The preschool (grades K3, K4, and K5) follow a dress code, but uniforms are not required at this time. However, there are some pretty adorable options through Dennis if you so choose!
Will we still be able to wear spirit shirts?
Yes. Elementary students will still be allowed to wear spirit shirts on Fridays. Upper school students will be allowed to wear team shirts and spirit wear on Fridays.
Will upper school students still be allowed to wear jerseys/team shirts on game days?
Upper School students may wear team shirts, jerseys, and sport specific outerwear on Fridays only. 
What are the approved outerwear options?
The Dennis Uniform quarter zip sweatshirt is the approved outerwear for boys and girls. Girls also have the option of the Dennis Uniform cardigan. The cardigan is the only approved outerwear for girls on chapel days. Senior boys and girls will wear the blazer as approved outerwear on chapel days. Letterman jackets will continue to be approved outerwear for both boys and girls. Team specific outerwear is approved on Fridays.
Can seniors still wear college sweatshirts?
Yes. College sweatshirts are approved for seniors to wear on Fridays.
What are the options for cold weather days?
Boys may wear their school approved pants. Girls may wear stocking or leggings under skirts and skorts. 


Need to try on uniforms before ordering? Visit either campus to take advantage of our uniform kiosk with sample sizes to try on prior to placing your online order.

Lafayette Campus - 111 Goshen Lane, Lafayette, LA 70508 - Phone: (337) 988-6489

Opelousas Campus - Admissions Office - 1590 Montgomery Road, Opelousas, LA 70570 - Phone: (337) 948-4623 




Only navy, white, black, gray, or brown.
No bright colors or color combinations other than those listed here.



  • Saddle shoes
  • Athletic shoes
  • Mary Janes
  • Dress shoes with rubber soles in approved colors


  • Saddle Shoes
  • Dress Shoes with rubber soles in approved colors
  • Elementary may wear the approved athletic shoe options


  • Athletic shoes in approved colors
  • Dress shoes/casual dress shoes in approved colors


  • Dress shoes or casual dress shoes in approved colors
  • Elementary may wear the approved athletic shoe options.