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Brittani Tran » Weekly Spelling List

Weekly Spelling List


Spelling List 13 

wor in worms or in morning ch in church

 chin, horse, check , word, chick, work, much, worm, ouch, world, born, says, fork, was, horn, Tuesday, January

Spelling List 14 

sight, delight, polite, might, bite, give, right, kite, are, light, white, Wednesday, bright, invite, December 

Spelling List 16

a, one, have, Christmas, the, two, give, come, what, do, I, was, to, of, said, Thursday

 Spelling List 17

pink, drink, think, honk, sung, sang, king, string, thing, trunk, thank, bank, strong, where, I'm, Friday, February   

Spelling List 18

boatclownbookSaturday, likesnow, moonMay, prayservehorse, tryfirstmother, cloudgirlbecause

Spelling List 19

 wash, wasp, watch, want, water, swamp, swan, car, star, park garden, farmer, marble, Sunday, February

Spelling List 20 

aloneawakeasleeparoundapartsays, alikeagoarose, along, aside, afraid, amount, away,  again, January, Thanksgiving

Spelling List 21

Wanting, snowing, praying , Walking, jumping calling, Thinking, washing, singing, Thanking, playing, because, Parking, looking, mother, February, Christmas

Spelling List 22

-y in baby     le in little

Happyprettypenny, Puppyladybaby, Tinylittlepuddle, Saddlebottlemiddle, Bibleyourthere, MarchValentine's Day

Spelling List 23

   -ed in wanted -ed in looked -ed in played

wanted, played, lifted, prayed, painted, joined, sounded, sighed, looked, snowed, thanked, don't,  washed, there, kicked,  April, Easter

Spelling List 25

hope, hopes, hoped, hoping, like, likes, liked, liking, shaking, making, hiking, coming, smiled, been, any, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Spelling List 26

hoping, hopped, tapping, taping, liked, skipped, getting, baking named, raking, saved, were, hopping, hoped, some, Bible, Christ

Spelling List 27

says, are, your, from, I’m, there, because, where, mother, been, don’t, were, any, some, said, disciples, miracles

Spelling List 28

church, choose, chin, chest, bench, which, such, much, rich, patch, ditch, stitch, match, Mr., Mrs., wisdom, foolish

Spelling List 29

old, find, missionary, cold, kind, Christian, fold, mind, wild, gold, comb, child  climb, mild, father

blind, some

Spelling List 30

lace, circus, face, pencil, grace, circle, price, bicycle, mice, put, ice, pull, cent, push, city, salvation, Heaven