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Across the country, it is more and more common for students to be diagnosed with various reading challenges -- dyslexia or dysgraphia are common diagnoses that may ring a bell. These are specific challenges that can be treated and sometimes overcome, therefore parents are taking their kids to a variety of outside therapy centers for help. As you might imagine, these types of outside interventions are not cheap. On top of a private education, therapy like this can get quite expensive, yet may be necessary for long term academic success.




At Westminster Christian Academy, our Director of Student Services has a team trained in therapies from the National Institute of Learning Development (NILD). Educational therapists who are trained in the NILD techniques have researched various methods that are available for working with children who have reading differences, ADHD, Autism, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other learning differences. At WCA we recognize that all children are imago dei (made in God's image) and we found that NILD training gives us the tools to use the right intervention techniques to make sure students excel in and out of the classroom. We strive to make sure your student has everything he/she needs to become a capable learner so they can be the person God created them to be!


There are fees associated with these services offered on our campuses, but we strive to offer them for LESS than the services of outside companies. In addition, the specific attention within the Westminster culture and access and collaboration with teachers provide a superior result.


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Mrs. Premeaux

Meet our Director of Student Services

Mrs. Cynthia Premeaux (Cindy Premeaux) has her BA in Elementary Education from Louisiana Tech University, her Masters of Education in Special Education (Gifted) from Northeast Louisiana University and her Specialists Certification for Educational Diagnostician. She has been an educational diagnostician, as well as a Literacy Interventionist and Dyslexic Teacher in Louisiana and Texas. She was a state finalist in Louisiana for Middle School Teacher of the Year. Her heart is for students who struggle and helping them find strategies that will help them overcome their challenges. Most importantly, Mrs. Premeaux loves the Lord and loves children. 

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