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QManager Form Available

QManager Form Information Link.  Parents picking up their children at the Opelousas main campus building  (not the preschool) can get the QManager app so they can safely and quickly pick up their children.  You still need to use your school issued numbers so teachers can ID the vehicle the child needs to go to. 

QManager Q and A

Q. Once I have installed QManager what should I do?


A. When you get to the WCA parking L, just before your vehicle is released to go down Westminster drive do the following steps:


A)   Click START

B)   Select the children you are planning on signing out and picking up.

C)   Sign for them, and click OK.

D)   Your geo-location will be reported to the school, and the children you are picking up will be sent out to you.

E)   You still need your number so the adults directing traffic can know where the child goes.

F)    As soon as the child comes to you click the STOP on the app. 

G)   Refrain from cell phone use for anything but the App during car pool line, if there is too much traffic at the cell tower it will slow down the data transfer, and of course using your phone while driving puts everyone at risk.



Q. What smart phones will this app work on?


A. Apple, Android, Win 7


Q. What if I don’t have a smartphone? 

A. Get a number from Dorothy Huguet.  It won't work for everyone all the time.


Q. What color car number tells me that I am signed up as a QManager user?

A. Orange


Q. We carpool how does that work?  /  My mother picks up our children, how does she register?


Option 1 : Email me with the following info:


1)   The First and Last Name of one of your children.

2)   The First and Last name of the Guardian/Driver.

3)   The Email of the Guardian/Driver.


Option 2: Log onto quick queues and assign them yourself.  (Coming soon.)

There more people who install this app the faster everyone can get home!