Weather Update

Dear Westminster Family,
The administration has been closely monitoring the approaching storms as well as various announcements from the Governor and other schools. After listening to the Governor and monitoring other local schools, WCA will close for Monday, August 24. While it is possible to do remote learning over the next few days, we will take that one day at a time as we know there can be power outages, family preparations, and more. Please check back daily for more information.
For Monday, August 24:
Both the Lafayette and Opelousas campuses will be closed. Buses will not run and there will be no extracurricular activities. In recognition of the challenge we know many of our families have with preparedness for major storms (we remember 2016 well), we will not require any remote learning or WorX participation for Monday, August 24. Again, please check daily as we will make decisions regarding on-campus learning and WorX expectations.
It is possible that we will attend classes on any particular day of the week OR that we have a full or partial day of remote learning. In preparation for remote learning that might occur later in the week, please check MySchoolApp and look at the various teacher pages where Zoom codes and instructions are already posted or will be soon this week.
As all of us in South Louisiana know, this is not an exact science. We follow the best guidance available and prepare for the situation. However, things can change quickly. Therefore, please stay flexible and ready.  
Lastly, regardless of what WCA does each day, we know that weather events affect our families in different ways. Some of you can’t get out of your neighborhood or off the farm after certain storms. Others of you have critical needs to address. We understand that. Therefore, regardless of the plan that WCA makes for any day of the week, we know that you must all take care of yourselves and your family. Please communicate with your teacher/principal so that we can assist you in the best way possible.
Have a safe week and stay tuned daily for more information.
In Christ,
Scott Davis
Head of School
Westminster Christian Academy