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Jacobs was contacted by the coaches at Brescia through an online recruiting site, Fieldlevel. Once they expressed interest in him as a player, Colton did his research and discovered that they had what he was looking for in an academic program. "I found that they had a great undergraduate medical program," says Jacobs. When asked what he was looking to get out of this experience he commented, "I’m hoping that I will get along with the other players and coaches, and that I will be able to have a lot of fun, while also getting a lot of playing time."


This year Colton led the team in hits, doubles, triples, home runs, and stolen bases. Colton has a .380 batting average, .540 on-base percentage, with 4 doubles, 2 triples, 1 home run, and 6 stolen bases.


"I am extremely happy for Colton and his family. I believe the key to Colton's success this season was his mindset. Colton came into this season knowing he was a good player and was ready to prove it. Colton has always had the talent to be a very good player, this season he truly worked towards a growth mindset. Colton went out and proved he is a college level player, and that is what I am most excited about. I preach mindset on a daily basis, and once one of my players has the "Aha" moment, it's truly a joy to watch what they accomplish." - Coach Buddy Turnage