Why a Christian Education?

I enjoyed my time over these past couple of weeks talking with parents about the importance of a Christian education. It is great to see both some common reasons for choosing this type of education, and some reasons that are personal or specific to each family. 
To wrap up this month’s topic on the importance of a Christian education, allow me to share here a couple of reasons why I believe a Christian education is so important that we sacrifice our time, effort, and resources to make it possible for our kids, AND to benefit the world around us.
In Deuteronomy 6, we find a great commandment from the Lord. In fact, the Hebrews referred to it as the GREAT SHEMA as it describes the essence of the faith and gives some specific direction by which to live. In verses 4-9, we see the Lord tell us how we are to teach His ways to our Children. He instructs, “When you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” In other words, the teachings of God should be part of every part of our lives and we should teach them to our children in every setting. It is the desire of Westminster to be a good partner with you in this endeavor. 
This leads us to my first big reason for a Christian education. You see, there is a danger when we go to church on Sunday and then spend the rest of the week in study that is often opposed to the teachings of Christ (government schools). This can lead to students seeing life in two parts, the secular and the sacred. 
Let it not be so! 
We want students at Westminster to recognize that ALL of life is under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. 
This means every subject in school, our jobs or future jobs, our activities, our relationships, and so on. We want students to one day represent Christ and transform society through running ethical businesses, being excellent in a craft, teaching their own children, influencing politics with the power of Christ, and more.
We want to partner with you to help students see all of life through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Remember, this is more than just having prayers at school or attending chapel, it is something that is infused into every aspect of the school day.
Secondly, we want our standard to be God’s standard. It might be temping to allow our standard to be that of the State of Louisiana, or of Lafayette or St. Landry Parishes.
A Christian education should strive to be challenging and excellent in every area so that students might be well prepared for their future callings, and understand that work is a good gift from the Lord.
We all know that a vigorous education takes commitment from the student, the faculty, and the parents. This is not always easy. In fact, I know we may all be tempted at times to look around to find a choice that requires less commitment. I am convinced that things that matter usually require a level of of sacrifice, and that it is honorable to dedicate oneself toward a worthy goal. Let us together set our sights on the high calling of Jesus Christ in every aspect of life.
I know that each of us has various reasons for choosing a vigorous Christian education. It is my prayer that Westminster is a good partner for you and that we will continue to be that, and even better into the future. Thank you for your commitment to your kids, the Kingdom of God, and to Westminster. We are honored to be your partner in raising and educating your children, AND a partner with you in the Kingdom of God for the benefit of Acadiana and all of mankind.
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Scott Davis, Head of School, Westminster Christian Academy
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