How Westminster Students Use Technology

Access to G Suite

G Suite is a set of productivity, computing and collaboration software tools developed by Google. It contains popular professional apps like Google Drive, Google Slides and Google Docs. Our upper school assignments utilize G Suite apps, which gives students the opportunity to become familiar with these programs. Understanding how to use G Suite gives our students a competitive advantage as they prepare for college and future employment.


iPads for Learning

Westminster students in grades 9-12 are assigned iPads to aid their instruction. Portable tablets offer access to e-books and learning apps, as well as provide a means for submitting assignments online. The use of this technology encourages active, self-directed learning as students are able to engage with the material in a more interactive way.


Classrooms with a SMART Board®

From K3 through 12th grade, classrooms on both campuses have SMART Boards for teaching. These interactive displays allow teachers to bring devices, lesson content and education software together to create a cohesive education platform for a more dynamic learning experience that’s easy to tailor to the students’ needs. 


Utilization of Technological Tools

Sometimes referred to as "virtual learning," there is nothing virtual about live teachers and students interacting in a classroom setting. Remote students log into a live classroom for audio and video interaction and simultaneously log into the SMART Board from their device for interactive activities throughout the class. Remote classrooms allow Westminster to provide the most qualified teachers on both campuses to fulfill the educational needs of our students while exposing them to collaboration and learning on a technological platform that will equip them for future college and business needs alike.


Advanced Technology Classes

Upperclassmen are offered classes in animation, graphic design and video editing. Advanced technology courses like these are great opportunities for students interested in a variety of fields such as web design, game development, video making, advertising or film. Whether they decide to pursue a related career or not, the skills learned in these classes can help students in a variety of situations. Our students also have access to a computer lab complete with cameras, editing programs and a green screen where they can hone their skills.


Students exposed to the best of tradition in education paired with modern delivery gain the best of both worlds. Students who learn to use technology to study, research, solve problems, and collaborate are better prepared for careers in any field. At Westminster, we provide leading-edge tools, apps and other technology to foster learning both inside and outside of the classroom. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to create the best possible learning environment for our students.